Gotland Ewe at VT Grand View Farm

Gotland Yarn from the Gotland Wool Company 

Felting Class at VT Grand View Farm

Come share our passion for Gotland sheep, sustainable farming, and wool!                         

Farmstays at Grand View Farm


We invite you to experience an authentic farm vacation.

While staying in our Farmhouse Suite, connect with Vermont's rich agricultural life. Take a private fiber art class, and try your hand at the heritage crafts of spinning, felting, or weaving.


Gotland Ewe

Gotland Sheep

Vermont's First Flock of Gotland sheep.

Their small size and friendly personalities make Gotland
sheep the perfect breed for small family farms.
We are dedicated to providing you with high percentage
breeding stock and beautiful sheep.

Gotland Wool Company of VT Grand View Farm

Farm Wool Shop-The Gotland Wool Company

From our your home...

We started the Gotland Wool Company to provide you with lovely yarn, yarn CSA shares, roving, handwoven blankets and rugs from the  wool from our sheep.


The Grand View
                                                   There really is a grand view!!